Tennessee Titans fans shouldn't overthink the idea of drafting Joe Alt

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The Tennessee Titans need to value clarity

I wanted to talk about the argument that there isn't a big drop-off and that some analysts don't even have Joe Alt as their top tackle. Easton Freeze has been very outspoken on this topic and he made a thread about this on Monday morning:

Everything that Easton says there is true, Joe Alt is not the top tackle for everyone. No two big boards are the same, which is why the draft is always so interesting. There are very few consensus players in any draft class, and even Marvin Harrison Jr. who was regarded as a can't-miss prospect for two years, is the WR2 on some boards.

Without any way of knowing what the Tennessee Titans think, I encourage everyone to make their own consensus big board based on draft analysts that you respect. Compiling that data can take some time, and if you want something quicker I would suggest keeping up with Marcus Mosher who has a constantly updating consensus big board.

What this does is it gives you a range of outcomes to expect for the draft prospects. Every analyst has some inherent bias that they can't get rid of. For example, some analysts love receivers who are fast and explosive and those analysts probably preferred Tavon Austin and John Ross over DeAndre Hopkins and Mike Williams.

On Mosher's latest composite big board, Joe Alt was the consensus OT1 because everyone reputable has Alt as either the OT1 or OT2 on their big board. So, analysts believe that Alt will either be the best or the second-best tackle to come out of this class regardless of their inherent biases.

While there is a clear-cut consensus player at the top, it gets very muddy talking about who the OT2 is in this class.

Nate Tice has Olu Fashanu as the seventh-best player in this class, just one spot ahead of Joe Alt. Meanwhile, Lance Zierline has Olu Fashanu as the 21st-ranked player in the NFL Draft and has him tied for OT4/5.

Zierline has J.C. Latham as the 9th-best player in this class and his OT1, but Matt Miller has J.C. Latham as the 23rd-best player and the OT5 in this class.

Can you see the issue here? Sure, there are a few people who think that someone is close to Joe Alt as the OT1 in this class, but no one can agree on who that player is. That is why there is a cluster of tackles in the middle of the first round, but no clear order beyond Alt.

If the Tennessee Titans trade down in the first round one of these tackles will be there. Fans will be able to scour draft boards to find one draft analyst out there who really likes the pick but there will likely be more analysts out there who think it was a bad move.