4 emerging surprises at Tennessee Titans training camp

Which players have provided a pleasant surprise so far during training camp?
Tennessee Titans, training camp
Tennessee Titans, training camp / Mark Zaleski / The Tennessean / USA
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4. Reggie Roberson, WR

Again, in a group that doesn't look cemented beyond Hopkins, Burks and Phillips, the Titans are looking for other names to step up, and Reggie Roberson is yet another one to do so, like the previously mentioned Dowell.

After going undrafted in 2022, Roberson faced a tough first year out of college. He was signed to the Titans' practice squad multiple times, along with the Chicago Bears' practice squad, but never caught on for an extended period of time with either team.

Now in camp with the Titans again, Roberson has been making a few plays and turning some heads. He has found a real connection with rookie quarterback Will Levis, which could prove to be a valuable aspect in his ultimately making the roster, should he get so fortunate.

Coming out of college, Roberson was known as a guy who could track deep balls real well and hits that "next gear" after he makes one move on a defensive back. Roberson is much quicker than he might look when not playing at game speed, and is deceivingly fast on deep routes.

I cannot overstate this. The Titans' wide receiver group is one that needs some players to establish themselves as being legitimate options, and if Roberson continues to shine, he could find his way onto the roster in the end.