4 emerging surprises at Tennessee Titans training camp

Which players have provided a pleasant surprise so far during training camp?
Tennessee Titans, training camp
Tennessee Titans, training camp / Mark Zaleski / The Tennessean / USA
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3. Ryan Tannehill, QB

Last year was a forgettable one for Ryan Tannehill, but even 2021 wasn't a fantastic showing by any means, with Tannehill throwing 14 interceptions that season. Not many expected Tannehill to be doing what he's been doing in camp, so far, though.

Through a couple of weeks, Tannehill has looked sharp. He's said he feels young and healthy, despite entering his age 35 season. There is absolutely zero quarterback competition, as Tannehill is firmly this team's starter.

But, some have questioned for just how long Tannehill would be the guy in Tennessee. If this year's camp is any indication, he'll have the job as long as he wants. Now, he's a free agent in 2024. But, should he find himself in a resurging year in 2023 and lead the Titans to something along the lines of a division title or Wild Card berth, who knows what might happen.

I think it's safe to say no one expected Tannehill to come out looking this good and this established, especially with two young quarterbacks, taken with fairly premium draft capital, sitting behind him.