5 dream scenarios for the Titans in 2024

What if all goes right in 2024?
Tennessee Titans, Will Levis
Tennessee Titans, Will Levis / Andrew Nelles / The Tennessean / USA
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2. Anthony Richardson isn't who the Colts thought he was

Let's take a gander around the division, shall we? The Colts' offseason has been marked by many in-house moves, proving Indy has a ton of faith in their own guys and, specifically, second-year pro Anthony Richardson.

Nothing against the 2023 first-round pick, but he did only start four games last season. And, in those four games, Richardson completed less than 60 percent of his passes and threw for just 144 yards per game.

A dream scenario for Tennessee would include the Colts watching Richardson go backwards, making those divisional matchups all the more winnable.

3. Houston implodes, proving 2023 was a one-hit wonder

This one is far less likely to happen, as the Texans had a phenomenal offseason as well, like the Titans. C.J. Stroud looks like the real deal and, oh by the way, he received the gift of Stefon Diggs this offseason. Houston also added Joe Mixon in the back field and premier pass rusher Danielle Hunter on the other side of the ball.

They're set up for another strong year in 2024, but what if it all goes wrong? What if Stroud somehow takes a step back? It's unlikely, sure, but Titans fans wouldn't mind seeing it happen. If Houston doesn't gel all the way, which would include a Diggs blowup and constant attitude issues there, this isn't too far fetched to imagine.