Tennessee Titans draft picks in 2024, 2025 & Beyond: full list

Here's a look at what picks the Titans have this year and in the future.
NFL Draft
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The Tennessee Titans need to take full advantage of the NFL Draft to give Will Levis and Brian Callahan the best possible chance to stake their claim in the AFC South and become a consistent playoff contender. How many picks do they have this year?

Tennessee Titans Draft Picks in 2024

















As of this writing, the Titans have seven picks in the 2024 NFL Draft, including the seventh overall pick. They don't have a third-round pick due to a trade with the Cardinals in April 2023.

Have the Titans ever picked 7th overall before?

It's been a long time since this franchise held the seventh overall pick but it has happened. The last time it took place was in 1962 when the Houston Oilers selected Ray Jacobs, a defensive tackle, out of Howard Payne. Jacobs spent seven years in the NFL but never played a down for the Oilers.

Since the franchise came to Nashville, the Titans have not held the seventh pick in the draft.

Recent history of 7th overall pick in NFL Draft

Here's a look at the last ten players selected with the No. 7 pick:

  • 2014: Mike Evans, WR (Buccaneers)
  • 2015: Kevin White, WR (Bears)
  • 2016: DeForest Buckner, DE (49ers)
  • 2017: Mike Williams, WR (Chargers)
  • 2018: Josh Allen, QB (Bills)
  • 2019: Josh Allen, LB (Jaguars)
  • 2020: Derrick Brown, DT (Panthers)
  • 2021: Penei Sewell, OT (Lions)
  • 2022: Evan Neal, OT (Giants)
  • 2023: Tyree Wilson, LB (Raiders)

It's pretty funny that in back-to-back years, a player named Josh Allen was drafted with the seventh overall pick. Both of those guys have turned into pretty darn good players. Mike Evans is also another standout name from this list while Kevin White was the biggest disappointment out of this group.

Tennessee Titans Draft Picks in 2025

  • Round 1
  • Round 2
  • Round 3
  • Round 4
  • Round 5
  • Round 6

The Titans don't own their seventh-round pick for the 2025 draft due to the trade they made for Nick Folk ahead of the 2023 regular season.

Titans draft picks in 2026

  • Round 1
  • Round 2
  • Round 3
  • Round 4
  • Round 5
  • Round 6
  • Round 7

As of now, the Titans own all of their draft picks in 2026. This is, of course, subject to change.