Titans 7-Round Mock Draft: Tennessee claps back at Stefon Diggs trade

Will Levis gets even more ammo to compete with the Texans and their newly-acquired star wideout.
Tennessee Titans, Will Levis
Tennessee Titans, Will Levis / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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Curtis Jacobs. . Curtis Jacobs. player. 491. 7. . . LB. Curtis Jacobs

With their second of three seventh-round picks, the Titans grab another player out of the Big Ten. This time, it's linebacker Curtis Jacobs out of Penn State. At 6-foot-1, 241 pounds, Jacobs has good size for the position. He's a strong and physical player who is always working. Whether it's working to get off blocks or sift through lanes to find the ball carrier, Jacobs is always looking for work; always moving.

His biggest knock is that he seems to occasionally be just a half second behind. If he can improve in diagnosing and add a little more speed, Jacobs has the makings of a starting NFL linebacker. He's just a tad behind on many plays, although it's not for lack of effort.

player. Khalid Duke. Khalid Duke. 7. . EDGE. Khalid Duke. . . 463

With their final pick, the Titans select a pass rusher who is best suited standing up in a 3-4 scheme, so Tennessee is definitely a fit. Kansas State's Khalid Duke comes in needing to put on some more mass, but his first few steps off the line of scrimmage are extremely fast. He's got a lot to like as a developmental and rotational pass rusher, so as a seventh-round pick, he's certainly worthy. Last season, Duke totaled 8.0 tackles for a loss, including 6.0 sacks.