Titans 7-Round Mock Draft: Tennessee claps back at Stefon Diggs trade

Will Levis gets even more ammo to compete with the Texans and their newly-acquired star wideout.
Tennessee Titans, Will Levis
Tennessee Titans, Will Levis / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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Javon Solomon. . 2159. . 4. player. EDGE. . Javon Solomon. Javon Solomon

In Round 4, the Titans draft a guy who doesn't look all that imposing, physically, but his production cannot be denied. At 6-foot-1, Javon Solomon is a bit undersized for a pass rusher. But, he finds ways into the back field and makes plays, period. It's just what he does.

Whether it's his relentless effort or creativity within his moves, Solomon is productive. He can typically win by getting lower and using excellent bend, along with being able to read his opposing man very well and thus counter with moves of his own. Just this last season, Solomon notched a ridiculous 18.0 tackles for loss and 16.0 sacks.

Trevor Keegan. . . 485. Trevor Keegan. 5. G. Trevor Keegan. player.

Round 5 sees the Titans grab some depth for the interior offensive line. Michigan's Trevor Keegan is your prototypical, Big Ten guard. He's not the most athletic, but his size and overall strength are what makes him an intriguing prospect. He's built like a broad truck and possesses a strong anchor with top-tier leg drive.

Keegan is especially a force in the run game. And, when faced with a bull rush, he takes those on like it's no problem at all. Keegan will, at the very least, give the Titans some dependable depth up front, if not a potential future starter.