Former Tennessee receiver enters the 2023 NFL Supplemental Draft

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There is a lot that is up in the air for the Tennessee Titans right now, but the one thing that nearly everyone is sure of is that the team has to make some moves at the wide receiver position.

In a perfect world, the Tennessee Titans are selling DeAndre Hopkins jerseys a month from now. If they don't get that done then they are one injury away from having the worst skill position group in the NFL with one of the least exciting offenses in the NFL.

You can make a really good argument that a collection of DeAndre Hopkins, Derrick Henry, Treylon Burks, Chig Okonkwo, Kyle Philips, and a wildcard like Tyjae Spears has the right blend of developed skills and explosive potential.

That is a group that would get fans excited about the upcoming season for the first time in a while, but that doesn't mean that the Tennessee Titans have to be finished there.

Sure, that move would get the Tennessee Titans from one of the worst groups in the NFL to an above-average group, but is that really the bar for this team? Even after those moves, they would still have to roster guys like Mason Kinsey and Racey McMath.

It would be one of the biggest upsets in sports history if either of those guys became average starters at this point. In an ideal world, the Tennessee Titans' worst active receiver on gamedays is Nick Westbrook-Ikhine who has a WR5 floor because of his special teams ability and his above-average run blocking.

Earlier in the offseason I wrote about the return of the NFL Supplemental Draft, and how there was a receiver I would like to see the Tennessee Titans spend one of their 7th-round picks on. Today, another receiver was accepted into the NFL Supplemental Draft, and I'm not as high on them but they do have something that Tennessee Titans WR Ran Carthon loves.

Another draft target for the Tennessee Titans

While we don't have official numbers on Malachi Wideman, the former University of Tennessee wideout appears to have some special size and athleticism.

Wideman was part of the mass exodus that happened right before the Tennessee Volunteers took off and became one of the best offenses in the country. He transferred to Jackson State where he had a dozen receiving touchdowns in his first season, before facing eligibility issues in 2022.

If you read the tweet above you already know this, but Wideman is a physical freak that is rumored to be around 6'4, 200 lb. with sub 4.5 speed.

With that size and speed, he would absolutely fit the trend of what Ran Carthon has liked in receivers during his time in the NFL, and he would be a perfect developmental prospect behind the pass catchers mentioned above.

I'm not sure how willing the Tennessee Titans would be to spend a draft pick on a player that would have to sit for a whole season, but if Wideman's official testing numbers are anything close to what the rumors are then maybe he could earn his way onto the field late in the season given how injury prone the Titans have been lately.