Ranking the Top 5 Titans quarterbacks of all time

A few legends have come through Tennessee over the years, but which quarterbacks rank in the top five all-time?

Tennessee Titans, Steve McNair
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3. George Blanda

This is where the all-time passing yards list comes into play. It would be tough to skip over what George Blanda did, as a whole, for the Titans. While a guy like Dan Pastorini finished just 2,000 or so passing yards behind Blanda, his 96 touchdowns to 139 interceptions and a completion percentage of just 51.5 percent were what left him off this list.

Now, Blanda's completion percentage of 48.4 with the Oilers is also not too impressive. But, throwing for far more touchdowns than Pastorini and the longevity of his career, as a whole, are good enough to warrant consideration for this list.

Blanda deserves a spot. He's third all-time in Titans passing yards with 19,149 and threw 165 touchdowns to 189 interceptions over his seven seasons with Houston. Those seven seasons, though, were a blur in comparison to Blanda's career overall.

Believe it or not, Blanda's NFL career spanned from 1949 all the way to 1975 before he called it quits at the age of 48. At one point, Blanda became a full-time kicker after playing multiple positions for a while. That's why he was able to play for such a long period of time. But, his time with the Oilers was spent playing both quarterback and kicker.