Ranking the Top 5 Titans quarterbacks of all time

A few legends have come through Tennessee over the years, but which quarterbacks rank in the top five all-time?
Tennessee Titans, Steve McNair
Tennessee Titans, Steve McNair / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages
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For a team that is currently trying to figure out the quarterback position going into their immediate and long-term future, the Tennessee Titans would give anything to have a few of their past gunslingers back under center and in their prime.

The organization has seen its fair share of talent come through at the position, from the time they were the Houston Oilers to now being in Tennessee.

When looking at the team's all-time quarterbacks, you can rank them a few different ways. But, we'll refrain from going straight down the passing yardage leaderboard with this list. Heck, Ryan Tannehill sits sixth on the all-time passing list but most fans wouldn't put him in the top five, right?

Let's try and order these guys according to talent level, the excitement they brought and overall career span within the organization.

5. Vince Young

Even though Vince Young sits 7th all-time in Titans passing yardage, he checks in at number five on this list because of what he was able to do on both the ground and through the air. Young came into the NFL as one of the most exciting college football players in history, and went on to see his professional career cut too short in the end.

Some would argue that Young was never given that full vote of confidence as the Titans' starting quarterback, while others would say he just wasn't talented enough to be "the guy" in Tennessee. Regardless, he certainly provided some fun moments.

Young finished his Titans career with a record of 30-17, 8,098 passing yards, 42 passing touchdowns and 42 interceptions. He also rushed for nearly 1,400 yards and scored 12 touchdowns on the ground during his span with the Titans.

Young's NFL career lasted from 2006 to 2011, which is much shorter than anyone anticipated when he came out of Texas. However, he'll forever be remembered as a fan favorite in Tennessee.