PFF's prediction for the AFC South is good news for the Titans

And if PFF says it, you know it has to be right.
Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans
Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

The internet has a real love/hate relationship with Pro Football Focus. And by that I mean that the internet just straight up hates Pro Football Focus. It's a wonderfully useful site for football writers and an even more useful site for people who want to be Logged On and angry. They've felt the wrath of Titans fans plenty, but their newest bit may actually be good news? And not rage inducing? Personal progress is so rewarding to watch in real time.

This week, PFF released a Power Rankings of NFL Divisions. You don't need to know why, it's not important. They powerfully ranked divisions, and now we get to talk about it. It's actually good news for the Titans because the AFC South finished second to last! So the season will probably be very easy. Here's what they said:

PFF's prediction for the AFC South is good news for the Titans

"The Houston Texans were the surprise package of the NFL in 2023. The team won 10 games in the regular season and advanced to the divisional round of the playoffs with rookie C.J. Stroud under center. The No. 2 overall pick earned an 82.8 grade in 2023, the highest grade for a rookie quarterback since Baker Mayfield in 2018 ... "

"... The Titans hired Bengals offensive coordinator Brian Callahan to be their new head coach, and he will oversee the development of Will Levis. The Titans always compete hard and made some big moves in the offseason, namely signing wide receiver Calvin Ridley."

This doesn't really explain why the AFC South is considered the second worst division in football (like, at all) but just trust us, that's what they ranked it as. The only division they consider worse is the NFC South, which is a tough look for southern NFL football as a whole. But the AFC South is going to be easy, which is the important thing to take away from this. Who even cares both of PFF's Top QBs under 25 play in the division.