Perfect solution for the Tennessee Titans after the Nicholas Petit-Frere suspension

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The Tennessee Titans haven't started a season at full strength in years, and that trend will continue in 2023 after the suspension of Nicholas Petit-Frere.

Out of all of the offensive linemen on the Tennessee Titans roster, NPF was the only player who was going to come back and start at the same position he started at last season. With a bad offensive line coach, one of the worst OCs in the NFL, and a team that seemingly lost two starters every week due to injury, I think it is fair to say NPF wasn't put in a great position to succeed as a rookie.

That's why I was excited to see his development with new coaches and a full NFL offseason of training and practicing at the same position that he played the season before. Then the week before the 4th of July, he was popped for gambling at the team facility in 2022 and it was announced that he would have to miss the first six games of the season.

Since NPF is going to be out for nearly one-third of the season, the Tennessee Titans front office has to be brainstorming and trying to figure out exactly how they should solve this problem.

Usually, the easy answer would be to grab the best veteran tackle available and hope that he can pick up the offense quickly, but there are some issues with that. The most important one is that the Tennessee Titans have to prioritize signing DeAndre Hopkins, and if they don't land him then it won't really matter who is playing right tackle for the Titans.

After looking at the team's options, there is a three-step plan that can work for the Tennessee Titans. Not only would it help the Titans for the six games that NPF will miss, but it will help them for the entire season and it won't cost them anything.