Mike Vrabel continues to ignore the obvious about the Tennessee Titans offensive line

Tennessee Titans v Pittsburgh Steelers
Tennessee Titans v Pittsburgh Steelers / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

The Tennessee Titans have officially made their quarterback change, but Mike Vrabel still doesn't seem ready to make a change on the offensive line.

Vrabel is loyal to a fault and he proved that in 2021 when the Tennessee Titans started David Quessenberry at right tackle. In 2022 he kept Dennis Daley in at left tackle despite being one of the worst pass protectors in the NFL. Now, even after Andre Dillard is the worst player on an offensive line that got their starting quarterback injured, Mike Vrabel still isn't ready to pull him out.

This all starts with Daniel Brunskill who injured his ankle on Thursday night against the Pittsburgh Steelers. He toughed it out, but he might end up missing the game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday.

It is just a matter of time until Nicholas Petit-Frere is put on I.R., but Peter Skoronski, Aaron Brewer, and hopefully Chris Hubbard should all be ready to go on Sunday. The Tennessee Titans have a few ways that they can handle the open spots at left tackle and right guard.

The easiest and most obvious solution would be to play Dillon Radunz at left tackle and use Corey Levin to plug the hole at right guard. When he was asked to fill in for Ben Jones, Corey Levin was the Titans' best interior offensive lineman last season so getting him on the field is a good thing.

However, based on comments that Radunz made in the locker room today, it seems like he is going to be working at right guard throughout the week. That means that Andre Dillard is going to get his shot at failing at left tackle once again.

For three years now the Tennessee Titans have completely bungled the offensive tackle position. They bring in bad players and they double down on them all season long instead of seeing what they actually have behind them.

At this point, it is coaching malpractice to put Andre Dillard on the field when you had a week and a half to figure out a better option. Hopefully, something will click for this coaching staff over the next few days and they can make the right choice, but if they can't see the problems with Dennis Daley and Andre Dillard, why would anyone expect them to be able to find an answer at the position in the offseason?

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