Live 2024 NFL Draft grade: Tennessee Titans draft Tulane WR Jha'Quan Jackson

Ole Miss v Tulane
Ole Miss v Tulane / Jonathan Bachman/GettyImages

Day 3 is scout day for the Tennessee Titans and they have been stealing talent from the ACC with UNC's Cedric Gray and Louisville's Jarvis Brownlee Jr.

In a draft that was supposed to be loaded with talent at two premium offensive positions (OT and WR), the Titans have spent three of their first four picks on defensive players. Fans were starting to question when the Titans would address wide receiver depth, if at all.

Those questions were answered when the Titans took Jha'Quan Jackson WR, Tulane with the 182nd pick.

Remember, Ran Carthon has said that Day 3 is the time when the veteran scouts and position coaches have a much bigger say in the draft selection. I won't say that Ran Carthon just sits back and lets them pick, but it is probably fair to say that he speculates a lot more on Day 3 and is just there to veto any decisions he strongly disagrees with.

What does this mean for the Tennessee Titans?

The Tennessee Titans have continued to take value picks on Day 3 which was refreshing after back-to-back reaches to start the draft (a small reach when it comes to J.C. Latham and a big one when it comes to T'Vondre Sweat).

Jackson is exactly what the Titans needed to add in this draft class. He is only 5'9 and he has dealt with some injuries in college which is why he was available on Day 3, but he ran a 4.42 and he projects to be a slot specialist with good hands and crisp route running.

It would be great if he became a starter or a strong role player, but if you want to nail a pick on Day 3 you have to make sure that you get a player who can be active on game day. Jackson checks that box because is an experienced punt returner which will earn him a spot on special teams.

Jackson should start his career as a punt returner and focus on locking down that role so that Kyle Philips can get a real shot as a slot-only player for the Titans. Both players have injury concerns so having both on the roster gives you two slot players who should be able to combine for a full season.

Grade: B+