Identifying the Tennessee Titans core players on offense after free agency

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans
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4. Peter Skoronski, LG

The last player to make the cut is the one that should be the most obvious answer.

Peter Skoronski was supposed to be a no-brainer, blue-chip starter for a decade at the position. He was the prototypical "safe pick" if there was such a thing as a safe pick in the draft. However, after a promising training camp and a good Week 1, Skoronski had to have an appendectomy which led to several weeks of recovery, rehab, and missed games.

Most injuries aren't the player's fault, but this one was even beyond that. When you consider the timing of that appendectomy, the attention on Skoronski, and how important his success was to the offense, that was something that could only happen to the 2021-2023 Tennessee Titans.

Heading into 2024 Skoronski has to prove that he is the guy that everyone fell in love with in college, and he is going to have every chance to do that. Like Will Levis, Skoronski is getting a massive upgrade in coaching and he is going to have more help this season compared to 2023 where he had to decide between helping Andre Dillard/Jaelyn Duncan or Aaron Brewer on every play.

This year, Skoronski should be able to get into the Pro Bowl conversation with help from the two most important Bills in his life, a clean bill of health and elite OL coach Bill Callahan. That is the perfect, corny, dad-joke caliber line to wrap up this article and turn an eye toward identifying the core players on the defensive side of the ball.