Identifying the Tennessee Titans core players on offense after free agency

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans
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1. Will Levis, QB

Several people hated the Will Levis draft pick when it happened, and I was certainly on that list. However, I didn't hold that pre-draft hatred against him in training camp and throughout the season because even if you hate the prospect and the fit, you can't let a pre-draft evaluation keep you from ignoring what is right in front of you.

No one expected Will Levis to explode onto the scene like he did in his first game against the Atlanta Falcons, but there were hints that it could happen.

Throughout the draft process, he was a guy whose physical traits stood out even though his decision-making wasn't always where it needed to be. Despite not having much help from his offensive line or receivers (excluding DeAndre Hopkins) Levis was able to lean into his strengths and minimize his weaknesses.

Like any rookie, Levis was inconsistent but he always had stretches of impressive plays and in games like the Atlanta Falcons win, the Miami Dolphins win, or even the loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, you could see that he has the tools to be a franchise quarterback.

Everything the Titans did this offseason should only make Will Levis better, and the 2024 NFL Draft should be more of the same. If development and support continue, he is going to be someone that Tennessee has built around for a long time.