Identifying the Tennessee Titans core players on defense after free agency

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans
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4. Roger McCreary, SCB

Slot corners don't get the attention they deserve around the NFL, but people who keep up with the position know that McCreary is already one of the best in the business at the position.

McCreary's rookie season was up and down, and there were plenty of reasons for that. He was asked to play on the boundary, he had a position coach with a history of failure, he was thrown into the fire because that team couldn't stay healthy, and he rarely had the same supporting cast around him.

Even though a lot of those issues were still in place last season, McCreary managed to rise above it and become one of the standout defenders on this roster.

McCreary is going to go from playing with journeymen and backups beside him to playing with one of the best cornerback tandems in the NFL in 2024. The sky is the limit for what he could learn from them and what he could become, and he has to be the most exciting young (first contract) player to watch on this defense.