Identifying the Tennessee Titans core players on defense after free agency

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans
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3. L'Jarius Sneed, CB

Even though the Tennessee Titans managed to secure the Sneed trade without giving him an absurd contract, every time I see his name Shane McMahon's entrance music pops into my head ("Here comes the moneyyyyyyy").

Signing Lloyd Cushenberry showed that the Tennessee Titans weren't afraid to spend money because they knew they needed to invest heavily in the offensive line. Signing Calvin Ridley proved that the Tennessee Titans weren't going to continue their trend of using receivers who were asked to block first and catch passes later. But trading for Sneed was the move that really signaled a new era was coming in Nashville.

Sneed was the third player to get a big contract, and he is the third player on these lists who is going to be a core player for the Titans going forward. He just turned 27 in January and his addition changes the Titans defense from a defense with some pieces to a defense with an identity.