How many new starters will the Tennessee Titans have in Week 1?

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The Tennessee Titans have seen a massive change this offseason, and at this point, it is easier to talk about what hasn't changed over the last five months.

Right now the rumors are that former Cincinnati Bengals slot receiver, Tyler Boyd is trending toward signing with the Tennessee Titans now that rosters are starting to settle.

If he does sign with the Titans, it will be because Brian Callahan is planning to have him as a plug-and-play starter in the slot and it would mean another new starter for the Tennessee Titans.

So, let's say that happens. Assuming that we have a pretty good idea of which rookies and free agents are going to start next year barring an unforeseen issue, just how different will this team look?

Returning starters on offense (4):

WR: DeAndre Hopkins (758 snaps)
TE: Chig Okonkwo (693)
LG: Peter Skoronski (863)
RG: Daniel Brunskill (768)

DeAndre Hopkins was dominant last year as the Tennessee Titans' top receiver, and he was a huge part of the growth of Will Levis. It is hard to believe that there was ever a plan where he wasn't going to be a key piece in the offense.

Chig Okonkwo had a disappointing season in 2023, but don't write him off yet. If you can get the early drops out of your head, he actually had a nice stretch at the end of the season and there are a lot of reasons to be optimistic about him with a new coaching staff.

The Tennessee Titans offensive line was abysmal last season, but the main culprits (Andre Dillard and Aaron Brewer) are gone and the team has gone to great lengths to make sure that their replacements will be big upgrades.