Grade the trade idea: Titans reunite Will Levis with a former top target from Kentucky

This really isn't necessary, is it?
Kentucky v Georgia
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The Tennessee Titans are entering the Will Levis era in 2024 and the front office has done what they can to arm their young quarterback with weapons. They'll have DeAndre Hopkins and Treylon Burks returning for another year, they pried Calvin Ridley away from the Jaguars, and landed Tyler Boyd in free agency as well.

That's why Bleacher Report's recent trade proposal makes little sense. Kristopher Knox came up with seven hypothetical trades that would reunite quarterbacks with their former wide receivers whether it was in college or another NFL team where they originally played together. That's all sweet and dandy but it doesn't make much sense for the Titans to go this route.

For the record, Knox suggested the Titans trade for Wan'Dale Robinson, who is currently with the Giants. Robinson played with Levis at Kentucky in 2021, with Robinson tallying over 100 receptions for 1,334 yards and scoring seven touchdowns.

There's no question that Levis and Robinson were electric on the field together but the Titans have already invested in weapons for their quarterback this year. Knox notes that he came up with this trade idea because Robinson might not get much playing time with the Giants and that the Titans' weapons are going to be over the age of 30 by the end of the season (minus Burks).

What grade does hypothetical Will Levis/Wan'Dale Robinson trade deserve?

Robinson and Levis were great during their one year together in Lexington but the NFL is a different animal and the Titans have already surrounded Levis with talent for the 2024 season. Trading draft capital or a player for someone just because he played with Levis in college wouldn't make much sense here given that Tennessee was aggressive in adding playmakers for its young quarterback.

Levis will have several different receivers to throw to during his sophomore NFL season and they're all nice weapons for him to have. Adding another to the mix is just going to make things complicated and there's no guarantee that Robinson even wins a starting job with all of the competition he'd have in Nashville.

I'll give this trade idea a D+ because the Titans don't need another wide receiver. The only reason I didn't give it a failing grade is because Knox is right that Hopkins, Boyd, and Ridley are all going to be in their 30s by season's end and Robinson would give them a young weapon. That being said, they look well-stocked at the position so making this move would just be confusing.