Former Titans first round pick seemingly on roster bubble heading into training camp

Tennessee Titans Mandatory Minicamp
Tennessee Titans Mandatory Minicamp / Johnnie Izquierdo/GettyImages

It's been a tough start to Treylon Burks' NFL career.

Drafted 18th overall back in 2022, Burks hasn't been the star wide receiver that most expected him to be, and only has 665 receiving yards and one touchdown through his first two seasons. Staying on the field has been an issue, too – he's only ever played in 22 games over that stretch, and has started 15 of them.

And it's not like there are that many reps out there for him, either. With DeAndre Hopkins and Calvin Ridley figuring to be the main focal points of Brian Callahan's offense this season, Burke's role on the team wasn't particularly clear as they got together for offseason workouts.

But while speaking to the media after a practice this week, Callahan gave some insight into how they'll use Burks this season:

"Absolutely, he's going to have to contribute [on special teams]," Callahan said. "You only get so many hats on game day, and if he's one of those guys on game day, then we're going to have to find a place for him. Guys like him should be great special teams players on top of it, just because of his size and speed. The gunner thing is something I think he's very capable of doing. There might be some more roles for him in the other phases as well, but any time you're not the full time starter, you're going to have to contribute somewhere on game day. And I think Trey's attitude and approach to special teams have been fantastic, and I'm excited to see what he can do for them. I think he's an asset on special teams."

Well, that clears it up then. Credit to Callahan for being upfront about it – a lot of NFL coaches spend these moments beating around the bush and not really committing to one thing or another.

Still – a 1st round wide receiver already fighting for his roster spot on special teams after only two years is a tough look. Burks just turned 24, so there's plenty of time for him to turn his career around. It just doesn't totally feel like that's going to happen in Tennessee at this point.