Final trade deadline rumors and thoughts for the Tennessee Titans

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Teair Tart, Defensive Tackle

Teair Tart is interesting because the best scenario for the Tennessee Titans is that they get a deal done with Tart in the offseason and they re-sign him to a long extension.

Tart is one of the best nose tackles in the NFL and he and Jeffery Simmons are a great tackle tandem to have. However, Mike Vrabel has been very dismissive of Tart going back to before the season, and it seems like Vrabel just genuinely doesn't want him on the team for some reason.

That is unfortunate for the Titans, but it is good news for other NFL teams. Teams like the Dallas Cowboys, Buffalo Bills, and the Kansas City Chiefs all make sense as trade destinations for Tart if he is dealt today.

Out of this entire list, I believe that Tart and Autry are the players most likely to be traded. While both are very good players, the Tennessee Titans should be focused on helping Will Levis as much as possible.

Given Autry's market after the season and how the Titans have seemingly been able to replenish the defensive tackle position easily over the last decade, both players would probably be more valuable to other teams than to the 2023 Tennessee Titans.