Final trade deadline rumors and thoughts for the Tennessee Titans

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Derrick Henry, Running Back

Adam Schefter summed it up best when he wrote an article last week that essentially boils down to "The Tennessee Titans told Derrick Henry that they aren't trading him, but that probably isn't true."

There are two ways to look at a potential Derrick Henry trade. Emotionally, the last thing that Tennessee Titans fans want to see is a Baltimore Ravens vs Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl if the team trades him to the Baltimore Ravens. That is adding insult to injury and a 3rd round pick isn't worth the trauma.

The emotional side of the fan base wants Derrick Henry to retire as a Titan and to only see him ever play for one team, and that makes total sense.

However, if we are being honest, strategically it is a bad move to keep Derrick Henry. There is no world where the Tennessee Titans get a compensatory pick for him in 2025 because they are going to be aggressive in free agency.

Re-signing him sounds fine on paper, but I'm not sure whether Henry would want to sign up for a rebuilding season in Tennessee as a 30-year-old running back. Since there is a very low chance that Derrick Henry will be back with the Tennessee Titans next season, are you sure that you would rather have 10 more games of Henry instead of a top-100 pick?

With the Dallas Cowboys and Baltimore Ravens mentioned as teams that would be interested in a deal, it seems like a trade could happen if the Tennessee Titans think logically instead of emotionally.