Final Tennessee Titans 53-man roster projection

Tennessee Titans v Minnesota Vikings
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EDGE (5): Harold Landry, Arden Key, Denico Autry, Rashad Weaver, Caleb Murphy

I think that there could be two Pro Bowlers on this list this year.

Obviously, Harold Landry has been to the Pro Bowl before, but Arden Key and Denico Autry are both in phenomenal positions. In 2021, Autry played like a man possesed when he was on the field with Landry and Simmons, and that was without the addition of someone like Key.

If all four linemen just pinned their ears back and rushed straight forward it would be hard for offensive lines to deal with, but when you factor in how well all four guys can pick and loop when they stunt, it becomes almost unfair.

Behind them, Rashad Weaver continues to get better and better every year and he is going to be a starter in the NFL sooner or later. The young EDGE pipeline continues behind him with UDFA Caleb Murphy showing out in the preseason with a league-leading 3 sacks in two games.