Final Tennessee Titans 53-man roster projection

Tennessee Titans v Minnesota Vikings
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Tight End (4): Chig Okonkwo, Trevon Wesco, Josh Whyle, Thomas Odukoya

Chig Okonkwo has superstar potential as a pass catcher this year, and the group around him is built to shine where he struggles.

Both Trevon Wesco and Thomas Odukoya are great run-blockers who can move around and help the Titans in the run game while Okonkwo focuses on creating explosive plays. Now, I should say that Okonkwo isn't useless as a run-blocker and he gives effort so he has to be treated as someone that the offense could run behind.

Similarly, Josh Whyle's massive frame screams run-blocker, but he has the finesse to win as a receiver. While he needs to clean things up, a future duo of Chig and Whyle could make the Tennessee Titans a headache to defend for linebackers and safeties.