Final Tennessee Titans 53-man roster projection

Tennessee Titans v Minnesota Vikings
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Special Teams (3): Morgan Cox, Caleb Shudak, Ryan Stonehouse

Cox and Stonehouse could be Pro Bowlers, but the big question here is what are the Tennessee Titans going to do at kicker.

Shudak seems like he could win this by default, but this is a bottom-five kicker situation in the NFL right now. The Tennessee Titans can't have any confidence that they can consistently kick the ball through the back of the endzone, much less make field goals from more than 40 yards out.

The good news for the Tennessee Titans is that you can find solid kickers on the waiver wire every single year. Just taking a swing and finding an average kicker would be huge for this team, and if they don't make a change it will almost certainly cost them a game at some point this year.

Considering the Titans are in the midst of a seven-game losing streak, I'm not sure that starting off the season slow with a questionable kicker is going to do much for team morale so hopefully Mike Vrabel can make this right before Week 1.