Fact or fiction about the AFC South QBs after Trevor Lawrence's new deal

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Fact or fiction: Trevor Lawrence is the most overrated QB in the AFC South?

Verdict: Fiction

Lawrence isn't an elite quarterback, but he has proven that he can be an above-average starter. Even though he is going to be overpaid simply by the nature of the position he plays, he isn't the most overrated quarterback in the AFC South.

That title belong to Anthony Richardson.

Richardson is a walking hype machine, but...why? Think about this, Richardson's last season of high school football was in 2019. In the four years after that, there has only been one time where he has completed more than 50 passes in an entire season.

He spent that time either buried on a depth chart behind average SEC quarterbacks or injured. Speaking of injuries, Richardson has already had a concussion in the NFL which is never good, and he suffered an AC joint sprain in his 4th NFL game and missed the rest of the season.

Despite that, the fantasy community has fallen head over heels for him because of his ability as a runner, and that has created the misconception that he is a much better quarterback than he actually is.

When you think about it for more than a second, you can see how problematic it is to pin all of these expectations on a running quarterback that has already started to pile up injuries to his head and to his throwing shoulder just four games in to his NFL career.