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After a brutal August, the weather is rounding into perfect form in Nashville, just in time for the Tennessee Titans home opener.

On Sept. 17, the L.A. Chargers will head to Tennessee, and Nissan Stadium should be packed with Titans fans. However, this isn't going to be the balmy high-80s/low-90s weather that Titans fans are used to for their home openers.

Instead, the 10-day forecast says that it will be in the 70s around kickoff, which is something that most Titans fans probably aren't properly prepared for. Usually, we don't get that type of weather until November (if we are lucky).

The good news is that Homage has your back (literally) here, and they have the perfect Starter jacket for any Tennessee Titans fan.

If you are like me, you probably spent the summer waiting for the (amazing) Houston Oilers throwbacks to drop. Nearly everyone I know grabbed something from the team store after the announcement, however there is an issue with that.

While everyone was rushing to grab the "Luv Ya Blue" gear, I haven't seen anyone excited about anything in the team's usual colors.

Tennessee Titans Starter jacket

Since we know that the Tennessee Titans aren't wearing their Houston Oilers throwbacks until late October, it is the perfect time to grab something that matches up with the home uniforms that we will see most often this season.

Every Tennessee Titans fan knows how frustrating it can be to see the stadium filled with the other team's colors, and it only makes it worse when Titans fans wear white. Since the visiting team always wears white, you either need to be able to clearly identify that you are a Titans fan or you need to wear something that is Two-Toned Blue.

Instead of trying to make every fit the same color, just grab one of these jackets and add it to your gameday traditions. It will save you time and mental energy, both of which can be in short supply during the NFL season.

Make your life better, simpler, and more stylish by visiting Homage to pick up one of these Tennessee Titans Starter jackets today. While you're there, they even have vintage Oilers merch to check out as well.

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