ESPN expects the Tennessee Titans to make a massive mistake

Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions
Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions / Mike Mulholland/GettyImages

In Dan Graziano's latest article for ESPN, he projects that the next coach of the Tennessee Titans will be...current Detroit Lions DC, Aaron Glenn.

If Amy Adams Strunk hired Aaron Glenn, there are only two paths that it could take.

Both scenarios start with the Tennessee Titans deciding to hire a defensive-minded coach for a team whose sole priority needs to be developing Will Levis into a franchise quarterback. If this happens, the owner is going to get booed the second she makes the hire, and public sentiment will instantly turn against her after years of good decisions.

If it turns out to be a massive mistake then the Tennessee Titans will have wasted their peak spending years and they will be in an even worse situation the next time they try to hire a head coach.

On the off chance it does work out, and Aaron Glenn is a good head coach, then the Titans will have some success until he is forced to replace his offensive coordinator in two seasons. Then the Titans will have to roll the dice every few seasons until Glenn sputters out and the Titans are right back where they are right now.

The Tennessee Titans can't make that mistake, they have to hire an offensive-minded coach. Even if you disagree and think that defensive-minded coaches can be great head coaches, I urge you to look at the recent trend of successful offensive coaches and compare them to the defensive coaches around the NFL.

The good news for Tennessee Titans fans is that this is just a guess and there isn't really any information behind it, at least not from the Titans' side. Here is Graziano's analysis of why this could happen:

"I've been told by a couple of people close to this situation to keep an
eye on Glenn as a strong candidate. The Titans are casting a wide and
diverse net, and this is one of the tougher ones to call at this point,
but Glenn has appeal as a former player, as a part of what Dan Campbell
has built in Detroit and as the coordinator who graded out the best of
any on either side of the ball in a recent NFLPA poll of players."

"Close to the situation" does not mean that he is hearing that from people inside the Tennessee Titans organization. In fact, the Titans haven't even interviewed Glenn yet, so any idea that he is a strong candidate from their perspective would be very premature.

This year's coaching candidates are very interesting on the offensive side of the ball. Brian Callahan from the Cincinnati Bengals, Bobby Slowik from the Houston Texans, and Ben Johnson from the Detroit Lions (just to name a few) are all great options that would bring a great offensive mind to Nashville.

Hiring a defensive-minded coach with that talent would be a mistake, and history shows you that. Excluding Bill Belichick when he had the best quarterback in NFL history, in the last 14 years there has only been one head coach with a defensive background that won a Super Bowl, and that is Pete Carroll.

Unless Amy Adams Strunk thinks Aaron Glenn is the next Pete Carroll, she can't hire him or any other defensive coordinator. Even if she does think that Glenn is the next Carroll, she still shouldn't hire him because she is almost certainly wrong.

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