Way-too-early Tennessee Titans 2024 Mock Draft: Reshaping the future

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Konata Mumpfield, Laiatu Latu
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Tennessee Titans Day 3 picks

Tennessee Titans seventh round: Konata Mumpfield WR, Pittsburgh

Oddly, all of the Tennessee Titans Day 3 choices fall in the seventh round currently. Surely Tennessee will find a way to posture some draft picks and move up into the fifth round or so. But if things stay as they are, and for this exercise they will, then Tennessee could take the best of what is left in the 2024 draft.

The Titans still need a good receiver or three and Mumpfield is capable of producing decently at the next level. He is 6'1" and just 180 pounds but could add more weight to his frame and be a solid possession receiver. He catches well, but he isn't explosive, the Mike Vrabel/Nick Westbrook-Ikhine special.

Tennessee Titans seventh round: Benjamin Yurosek TE, Stanford

One might think of a Stanford tight end as more of a blocker, but this isn't the case when it comes to Yurosek. He is a very capable receiver and has caught 43 and 49 passes, respectively, in the last two seasons. He also averaged 15.3 yards a catch in 2021, so he knows what to do with the ball once he has it.

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Tennessee Titans seventh round: Zak Zinter iOL, Michigan

Do I think Zinter will be around in the seventh round? No way. But for some reason Pro Football Network's simulator still had him around so I chose the 6'6" and 300-pound guard who could be a starter very early on in 2024 and for several years thereafter.