Way-too-early Tennessee Titans 2024 Mock Draft: Reshaping the future

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We are about to be fully into the doldrums of the NFL offseason, which is the perfect opportunity to step back and look at what the Tennessee Titans are and what they can be in the future.

I realize the 2023 NFL draft just ended a bit over a month ago, but that seems like years ago. Plus, it will be a while until we see the fruits of that labor since the Tennessee Titans spent the majority of their draft picks on role players and developmental prospects.

The good news is that if the bulk of these prospects do turn into solid players in two years, then the Tennessee Titans are going to have a chance to take a big step forward in 2024.

Besides the draft picks in 2024, Tennessee is also going to have a lot of cap room to play with. Tennessee currently has the fifth-most cap space in the league next offseason, per Spotrac. While the Titans were a bit of a disappointment in 2022, that was largely due to the number of injuries the team had last year. Even if they aren't the favorites in the AFC South this year, just wait.

If the Tennessee Titans are smart in free agency next offseason and the correct draft picks are made, Tennessee could be a contender again by 2024 or at the latest 2025. And sure, it's too early to do a mock draft for 2024 because there is no way of knowing how 2023 will play out and what next year's needs will be. But we can take an educated guess of what will be needed because Tennessee didn't have the draft capital or spend cap space this year to address the current needs fully.

Tennessee Titans 2024 mock draft reshapes the future of the franchise

One area Tennessee will need to address is the glut of quarterbacks it is accruing. The Tennessee Titans took Malik Willis in 2022 and took Will Levis in 2023. The team still has Ryan Tannehill too, of course. Even with that, there was a quarterback available in the mock simulator I used that I just could not pass up.

I used Pro Football Network's mock draft simulator to do this exercise. The PFN one is good because it offers possible trades you can accept or reject. With the very first pick the Titans had, I accepted a trade, in fact. Here's how the draft played out.