2023 NFL Draft grade: Tennessee Titans draft Josh Whyle

Cincinnati v Temple
Cincinnati v Temple / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

Ran Carthon and Mike Vrabel promised that Day 3 of the NFL Draft would be fun for the Tennessee Titans.

Something that the San Francisco 49ers do is that they allow their position coaches to identify scheme fits that they like throughout the draft process. Then they get together with area scouts and they try to highlight players that they like.

When Day 3 of the draft rolls around, Mike Vrabel and Ran Carthon take a step back and let the coaches and scouts make the picks.

I'm not sure what the process is for picking which position coach gets the first crack at drafting a player, but long-time running backs coach turned tight ends coach Tony Dews ended up winning it this year.

That led to the Tennessee Titans drafting Josh Whyle TE, Cincinnati.

What does this pick do for the Tennessee Titans

Even if most fans wanted a wide receiver here, I don't hate this pick for the Tennessee Titans. Whyle was a four-year starter for Luke Fickell at Cincinnati so it is safe to assume that Mike Vrabel knows everything about his work habits and his effort.

The Tennessee Titans' three biggest needs heading into the draft were boundary WR, a lineman who could play left guard or left tackle, and a blocking tight end to pair with Chig Okonkwo in Tim Kelly's offense.

Tony Dews did a great job using his pick to fill that position of need. Is he going to be an exciting player that people outside of the Tennessee Titans fan base know? No, he isn't that kind of guy.

What he is, is a blocking tight end with a big frame, athletic potential, and a willingness to block. With a consensus 5th-round grade, he is a good value at this spot in a position of need.

Grade: B