Don't sleep on the Titans' new-and-improved offensive line

The Tennessee Titans have the pieces in place to field a significantly better offensive line in 2024 than they did in 2023
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Shutting out the negativity

Even Titans fans have a hard time believing that this offensive line might be good this season, and they have every right to be cautious. If you are looking for a reason to be concerned, you can look at the right side of the offensive line and get nervous about what happens there this season.

I would encourage all of the fans who are concerned about the right side of the line to listen to Jared Stillman's interview with Trevor Matich on July 2nd. The former first-round pick played on the offensive line for 12 seasons in the NFL before starting his career as a broadcaster and analyst for ESPN. When it comes to discussing offensive linemen, there aren't many people with his level of experience, so he is always very interesting and informative.

While discussing the offensive line, Matich described the Titans' situation there in a way that I hadn't thought about. He said,

"Last year the right side of the line was the strength of the offensive line. This year some of those same guys are over there competing and we will see who ends up starting at right guard and right tackle...last year the weak spot was center and left tackle with poor Peter Skoronski in the middle coming back from an appendectomy early in the season."

That is completely accurate. On the right side, Daniel Brunskill and Dillon Radunz were actually a very solid combination for the last two months of the season. They weren't Pro Bowlers, but Brunskill was league average, and Radunz was one of the better right tackles in the NFL for a stretch, even though he received help from tight ends.

Saahdiq Charles and Nicholas Petit-Frere are likely going to be the starters at right guard and right tackle this season, but in order to confirm that, they have to prove to this new coaching staff that they are better than Brunskill and Radunz respectively.

So if we all agree that Brunskill and Radunz were average, then that means that the right guard and right tackle spots should be average or better throughout 2024.

Putting all of that together, you can expect that every spot on the offensive line is going to be average or better than they were last season. Tennessee's center (Lloyd Cushenberry), left guard (Peter Skoronski), and left tackle (J.C. Latham) all have a legitimate chance to be above average, good, or even great at the position.

After watching every one of these players extensively in the offseason, and listening to analysis from several informed analysts, Titans fans need to stop asking if this offensive line is going to be good.

They should start asking if this is one of the 10 best offensive lines in the NFL.