Don't sleep on the Titans' new-and-improved offensive line

The Tennessee Titans have the pieces in place to field a significantly better offensive line in 2024 than they did in 2023
Tennessee Titans v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Tennessee Titans v Tampa Bay Buccaneers / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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It is incredible to think about what life as a Tennessee Titans fan would have been like if Taylor Lewan's ACL surgery had gone well in 2020.

If Lewan hadn't gotten disqualified from Pro Bowl honors due to a suspension in 2019, he would have captured four straight Pro Bowl appearances prior to his ACL injury in 2020.

Unfortunately, after an up-and-down season in 2021 where he struggled to stay on the field, Lewan played just two more games for the Titans in 2022 before effectively retiring from the NFL at 31 years old.

Lewan's absence was bad enough, but when you are forced to find starters at left tackle and you end up with Dennis Daley and Andre Dillard, it turns a bad situation into a nightmare. To make things worse, the rest of the line quickly decayed with injuries and age catching up to the likes of Rodger Saffold and Ben Jones.

As the line imploded, the rest of the team spiraled, bringing us to where we are today.