Domino effect of DeAndre Hopkins signing with the Tennessee Titans

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Derrick Henry, RB

For half of a decade, the Tennessee Titans' offense has been defined by what Derrick Henry could do. Even if there have been other playmakers in the past, when you force-feed a player the way that Mike Vrabel and company have force-fed Henry, that is the face of your offense.

For the first time since 2018, Derrick Henry might not average 20 rush attempts per game.

Between a group of receivers and tight ends that can suddenly hold their own against defenses, and the potential emergence of Tyjae Spears as a backup running back/slot receiver, there just might be too many other players with better matchups.

While that might sound good for Henry, I'm not sure it is. Sure, he will have fresher legs than he normally does heading into January, but that has never been something that bothered Henry. In fact, history shows that really doesn't start going until he has had 15 or 20 touches in a game.

Will fewer loaded boxes lead to more efficient plays early in the game from Derrick Henry, or will a less smashmouth style of offense lead to fresher defenses in the fourth quarter? It is hard to say, but that feels like a question we will have answered by the end of the season.