Domino effect of DeAndre Hopkins signing with the Tennessee Titans

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Ryan Tannehill, QB

There was never a question of which quarterback was going to start this season, just like there was never a question about which quarterback would start last season. Malik Willis and Will Levis will work on developing into starting-caliber NFL quarterbacks and while they are growing in that role, Ryan Tannehill will continue to start for the Titans and help them win games.

Like everything with this team, health is going to be crucial to the points I am making here. Having said that, if the Titans starting pass catchers can stay healthy, then this will be the most talented collection of weapons that Ryan Tannehill has had since 2020.

Treylon Burks and Hopkins will predominantly be on the boundary as the team's WR1 and WR2, but both can move around if that helps create mismatches. Inside defenses will have to decide how to attack Derrick Henry while also dealing with the playmaking ability of Chig Okonkwo. Throw in wild cards like Kyle Philips and Tyjae Spears, and suddenly defenses don't get quite as excited when they see the Titans on the schedule.

If the weapons stay healthy and if the offensive line can manage to avoid being the worst unit in the NFL, then this move might be the move that brings back the 2019 and 2020 versions of Ryan Tannehill.