Domino effect of DeAndre Hopkins signing with the Tennessee Titans

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Ran Carthon and Mike Vrabel, the Titans brain trust

By now the dynamic between the Tennessee Titans decision makers is pretty clear. Mike Vrabel has final say on any free agent signing, draft pick, trade, extension, etc.

It is Ran Carthon's job to basically evaluate the market and make pitches for different players that he believes are fit for what Mike Vrabel wants. Whether that market is a draft class, the free agent market, the trade block, the waiver wire, or something else, Carthon's job is essentially to consolidate that information and make judgment calls on which players will fit best in Tennessee.

Carthon isn't doing this alone. Currently, the structure underneath the GM is Chad Brinker who handles contract structures and free agency, Anthony Robinson who specializes in prospect evaluation in the NFL Draft, and analytics expert Sarah Bailey.

For everyone involved, the DeAndre Hopkins move changes expectations. This is no longer a team that can pivot and start focusing on the future if they struggle to start the season. Now the Titans have shown that they are fully committed to winning now and they will be judged on the team that they put together this season.

This is a team that was shaped in Mike Vrabel's image, and it is one that he has had a hand in building for a few years. Adding Hopkins to this roster means that Mike Vrabel is confident that he and his team have done a good enough job turning this roster into one that will compete for the AFC South title and more in 2023.