Domino effect of DeAndre Hopkins signing with the Tennessee Titans

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Forget the age, forget the money, forget similar moves that the Tennessee Titans have made in the past, the DeAndre Hopkins signing was crucial for this team and it changes everything.

For most of the national media or people who don't really pay close attention to the Tennessee Titans, the Hopkins signing is a good move for the Titans that gives them a proven number one receiver.

While they are quick to point out any flaws he might have and why he might not be as dominant as he was in the past, they don't tell the whole story. See, the move wasn't made because the Tennessee Titans believe that he is going to come in and be their WR1 who is a clear All-Pro.

What they don't seem to understand is that, the Tennessee Titans don't need him to be that guy. That isn't the role they want him to fill. In fact, this signing is as much about the domino effect that adding a player of his caliber will do to the rest of this organization, as it is about Hopkins himself.

The best way to show why his addition is so important is to go step-by-step through what it means for the people that his addition affects. That starts before we even talk about what will happen on the field, with the Tennessee Titans' brain trust of GM Ran Carthon and HC Mike Vrabel.