Did the Tennessee Titans build a championship roster in the offseason?

Tennessee Titans general manager Ran Carthon brought his team closer to competing for a championship this offseason
Tennessee Titans Mandatory Minicamp
Tennessee Titans Mandatory Minicamp / Johnnie Izquierdo/GettyImages
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In April, I wrote an article looking at the NFL Network's "Championship Formula," discussing how many of those boxes the Tennessee Titans had checked after a big start to free agency.

The formula, often referenced by Daniel Jeremiah, features a list of 12 positions that you need to win a championship. Those positions are:

-1 quarterback
-3 offensive playmakers
-3 quality offensive linemen
-2 pass rushers
-3 defensive playmakers

Once you have decided on which players are the candidates for those roles, you have to decide how they need to be graded. They are divided into one of five categories: blue, green, yellow, purple, or red.

Blue is an elite player, green is a good player, yellow is a player with question marks, purple is an unproven player, and red is a player where there is no clear answer.

For example, if you are looking at quarterback, then Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson are blue (elite) players. Josh Allen should be a green player, Trevor Lawrence should be a yellow player, rookie quarterbacks would be purple players, and a team like the Las Vegas Raiders would earn a red grade.

Let's take an updated look at how the Titans currently meet this formula.