Calvin Ridley is gassing up Treylon Burks with some insane comparisons

It's not every day that someone gets compared to T.O.
Houston Texans v Tennessee Titans
Houston Texans v Tennessee Titans / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages

The Tennessee Titans wide receiver room has some juice this year and that's exciting for Titans fans. Not only are Treylon Burks and DeAndre Hopkins returning for another year together but Calvin Ridley was added to the mix this offseason.

Ridley recently spoke about Burks and gave the former first-round pick plenty of praise, comparing him to the likes of current Eagles star A.J. Brown. former NFL receivers Julio Jones and Terrell Owens. That's high praise from Ridley, considering that Burks is entering just his third season and we've yet to see him show what made him a first-rounder.

Calvin Ridley compares Treylon Burks to tremendous WR talents

The Titans selected Burks 18th overall out of Arkansas in 2022 and so far, he hasn't looked like a first-round pick. He's tallied just 49 catches for 665 yards and one touchdown in 22 games and the Titans will need more from him.

The good news is that Tennessee has a new head coach and it's offensive-minded Brian Callahan who should hopefully be able to get the best out of Burks as he enters a crucial third season. This is also a big year for Will Levis so it'd be great to see those two get on the same page and make magic on the field.

If what Ridley is saying is true, hopefully Titans fans will finally get to see why the team made Burks a first-round pick two years ago.