Bleacher Report suggests a truly terrible Treylon Burks trade for Titans

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In one sense, things haven't gone well for Treylon Burks in the NFL so far. Through two seasons – 22 games, to be specific – Burks has 665 yards and one touchdown. In another sense, it could be worse? I'm not entirely sure how, but it could be.

And since he hasn't immediately been an All-Pro, his name is starting to show up in the annual offseason "They Could Use A Fresh Start" content. Like this article from Bleacher Report, literally called, "Potential NFL Trade Packages for Players Who Need a Fresh Start." If you wanted a nice, depressing laugh to start your summer, this is the article for you.

Bleacher Report suggests a truly terrible Treylon Burks trade for Titans

The trade:
New York Giants Receive: WR Treylon Burks
Tennessee Titans receive: 2025 sixth-round pick

"Even if Burks is much better than he was last season, it will be hard for him to carve out a role in the new Titans offense. Last season he had just 16 receptions for 221 yards in 11 games.

A move to another team, like the New York Giants, which is still trying to figure out the receiving corps, would make sense. Going from Levis to Daniel Jones might be a downgrade, but the Giants have a lot of unknowns at wide receiver right now."

Granted, a Day 3 pick is about all Burks would be worth in a trade right now, so that bit isn't as truly terrible as just the idea of trading him. Burks is still only 24, and wouldn't be the first receiver to take a couple years to truly get his feet under him.

It also doesn't hurt that former Bengals offensive coordinator Brian Callahan is running the show now. For all the great things that Mike Vrable brought to the Titans, they weren't exactly a passing juggernaut. But Callahan knows how to scheme a high-octane offense, and even with DeAndre Hopkins and Calvin Ridley being bigger priorities, there are probably still opportunities to be had for Burks.

And if he's bad again this year, then you trade him for a Day 3 pick. They'll always be available.