Best memes and reactions from Titans fans after Derrick Henry signs with Ravens

What a nightmare.
Baltimore Ravens v Tennessee Titans
Baltimore Ravens v Tennessee Titans / Ryan Pierse/GettyImages

One day after it became evident that the Tennessee Titans were officially moving on from Derrick Henry, the Titans legend went on to sign with the Baltimore Ravens. This is not welcomed news for Titans fans who have grown to despise the Ravens despite the two not playing in the same division.

As much of a bummer as this is for Titans fans, it is a good signing for Baltimore. They're a team that likes to run the ball and Henry can do that better than anyone. It's still going to be a heartbreaking sight seeing Henry don those purple uniforms next season.

Titans fans react to Derrick Henry signing with Ravens

Again, as much of a bummer as this is for Titans fans, it's hard to deny that Baltimore is a great landing spot for Henry.

Henry's new teammate, Marlon Humphrey, was shocked by the news.

It feels like this rivalry has been re-energized in recent years with the Titans having the pleasure of knocking the Ravens out of the playoffs in the 2019 season despite Baltimore holding onto the 1-seed.

Ugh don't remind us.

Good times.

Good news for the rest of the AFC South.

While the rest of the AFC South is dancing for joy, the AFC North is not.

Thank you indeed!

At the end of the day, Henry will always be remembered for what he did as a Titan.