Age is just an overblown number for the Tennessee Titans receivers

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Tyler Boyd

Tyler Boyd is the one member of the trio who looks like he might not be able to live up to his career average this year. Part of that is because he had the perfect opportunity to have a spike in production last season with Tee Higgins missing 4 games and Ja'Marr Chase missing a game, but it was his least productive season under Zac Taylor and Brian Callahan.

Another reason is that with DeAndre Hopkins, Calvin Ridley, Treylon Burks, Chig Okonkwo, Tyjae Spears, and Tony Pollard, there are going to be a lot of mouths to feed in the passing game.

Now, you might be thinking that Burks, Chig, Spears, and Pollard won't be as active in the passing game because of the trio of receivers that the Titans have now, but it could easily break down like this:
-Treylon Burks 30 receptions
-Chig Okonkwo: 50 receptions (had 54 last year in an offense that didn't pass the ball)
-Tyjae Spears: 40 receptions (had 52 last year)
-Tony Pollard: 30 receptions (had 55 as a starter and averaged 39 in his final two years as a backup)

Even that conservative estimate for those players adds up to 150 receptions. On top of those receptions, Ridley and Hopkins are both 75-80 reception guys as well.

Boyd is going to be a good player for the Titans. He is going to move the chains and give Will Levis another proven target in the middle of the field that he can trust to be exactly where he is supposed to be, but it wouldn't surprise me if he ended up with something close to 50 receptions for 500 yards which would be near career lows for Boyd.

Age is just a number for these three receivers and the situation is perfect for all three to be productive receivers that help usher in a new era of passing offense in Nashville.