Age is just an overblown number for the Tennessee Titans receivers

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Calvin Ridley

Calvin Ridley is such a unique case that there aren't any historical comparisons for him. Since he entered the NFL at age 23 (turning 24 before the end of his rookie year) and since he was suspended for a year after his gambling issue, we have only seen Ridley play for 5 seasons.

One of those seasons was drastically shortened when Ridley had to step away for mental health reasons, but during that season he was on pace for 105 receptions, 950 yards, and 7 TDs.

Looking over the course of his entire career, Ridley's per-game average is 4.9 receptions, 66 yards, and 0.5 TDs. If stretch that average over a 17-game season, that comes out to 83 receptions, 1,122 yards, and 9 TDs.

Compare that to last season when he played with a hobbled (and slightly overrated) Trevor Lawrence in a system that didn't use him properly and his numbers match up well with that average: 76 receptions, 1,016 yards, and 8 TDs.

Considering all of the issues that Ridley had to deal with in Jacksonville and that he was playing for the first time in two years (not due to injury), it makes sense to think that he has a few more good years left in the tank at or around his average level of production.

Even though this is an article about 2024 and the present, all of this is very good news for the Tennessee Titans in the long-term as well. If they can get three or four years of WR1 production from Ridley it would give his team the consistency that they crave and it would give the front office a player to build around at the position.