Age is just an overblown number for the Tennessee Titans receivers

Tennessee Titans v Miami Dolphins
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The Tennessee Titans have a fantastic trio of receivers that would rival any top-3 in the NFL, and there isn't a single shred of evidence to prove otherwise.

DeAndre Hopkins, Calvin Ridley, and Tyler Boyd will all be 30+ years old by the end of 2024, and they are the oldest trio of wide receivers in the NFL.

Both of those things are true, and both fans and critics need to realize that.

Once we accept that both of those things are true, we can ask the important question which is, "Does it matter?"

As much as critics want to talk about the future of the receiver position in Tennessee, let's talk about the present instead. How effective can this starting trio be in 2024?

DeAndre Hopkins

Let's start with the easiest receiver to evaluate even though he just so happens to be the oldest of the group.

As unscientific as it sounds, I just can't see DeAndre Hopkins' production falling off of a cliff. His game is built around strong hands and winning with physicality at the top of his routes and that was evident last year when he had just 4 drops on 137 targets last year, all while making some spectacular catches.

He has earned the benefit of the doubt and no one should bet on him dropping off until they see it with their own eyes.