6 free-agent moves from AFC South rivals that should terrify Titans fans

All of a sudden, the division doesn't look so anemic anymore.

Green Bay Packers v Minnesota Vikings
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For the neutral observer, the AFC South has been one of, if not the, most exciting division to watch this offseason.

Whether it's the Titans trying to remodel their entire team in one offseason, the Texans revamping their entire defensive front, the Colts running everything back in impression fashion, or the Jaguars doing whatever they're doing, there hasn't been a single boring moment across all four AFC South rivals. Interesting? Sure. Debatable? Definitely. But you can't say that it's been boring.

And fortunately for the Titans, no other team in the division has been quite as aggressive. Offseason winners don't get a trophy, but Tennessee fans can at least be happy that the team has a clear direction and is actively trying to make it work.

The problem, of course, is that two (maybe three, if you're a Jags fan) of the division's other teams can confidently say the same thing. The AFC South has at least three teams on the rise, which is a surprising turn of events considering the state of that group over the last half-decade or so. And if you're a Titans fan (which we'll assume you are given where you're reading this), these are the six free-agent moves from division rivals that should terrify you.

Houston Texans overhauling their pass rush by:

1. Signing Danielle Hunter

It must be quite the luxury to lose out on a pass rusher like Jonathan Greenard – who signed a megadeal with the Vikings – and replace him with ... the same guy that Greenard's replacing in Minnesota.

Lining Hunter up opposite Will Anderson is the stuff of nightmares, especially for teams that maybe have a young, unproven second year quarterback who's playing in a new system for the first time.

Even with Hunter rapidly approaching 30, the pass rusher is coming off a career-best 12.5 sacks and has played in at least 16 games in six of the past seven seasons. He's only on a two-year deal, too, which means that by the time that age may catch up to him, he probably won't be the Texans problem anymore. Hope Dillon Radunz and Nicholas Petit-Frere are ready!

2. Signing Denico Autry

It's not even that Autry is a game-wrecker in his own rights – though he is coming off an 11.5 sack season – but simply the fact that he's the Texans *third* pass rusher.

Houston's going to be able to roll out a bunch of different looks on the defensive line, all of which include at least two premier pass rushers. In a vacuum, signing Autry isn't a decision that moves the AFC South needle too much, but put him up next to Hunter, Anderson, or in front of that secondary, and suddenly the Texans defense is downright frightening.

Their coach just so happens to be one of the brightest defensive minds in football, otherwise it'll probably be fine.