5 undrafted rookies most likely to make the Tennessee Titans roster

Wyoming v Boise State
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Jacob Copeland, Tennessee Titans
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3. Tyreque Jones S, Boise State

The Tennessee Titans could use some help at safety and Jones checks all of the boxes for what Mike Vrabel will be looking for. Moving around on the Boise State defense, he ended up at nickelback for his final season but he spent plenty of time covering a deep half of the field and he has the athleticism to do it at the next level.

On top of his versatility, he will be 25 years old before the season is over, and given his age and experience you have to assume that he understands how to treat football like a job. When you look at his athletic testing and how he plays, he makes sense as a Daimion Stafford-type special teamer and a potential role player on defense down the line.

2. Trey Wolff K, Texas Tech

This is an easy one just for the fact that it looks like they are going to let Wolff and Caleb Shudak compete for the kicking job during training camp. Shudak was injured in the preseason last year as a rookie and even though he was fine when he was given a chance last season, this feels like a straight-up competition where anyone could win.

1. Jacob Copeland WR, Maryland

It might be surprising to only see one receiver on this list, but there are a few reasons for that. First, Copeland has something that the Tennessee Titans desperately need, speed. While he isn't a 4.3 burner, he isn't far off at 4.42 and you can see that speed on tape when you watch him at Florida especially.

Secondly, he has special teams flexibility which is a common theme for skill position players looking to make the Tennessee Titans roster under Mike Vrabel.

Finally, when you watch him, he flashes a strange burst and physicality after the catch that is intriguing and I think that will lead to some highlights when you get him in camp competing against defensive backs that haven't gotten back into the habit of tackling.