5 reasons to get super excited for Titans training camp

• The Titans now have a true No. 1 receiver

• Their defense could be one of the best in the league

• The 2023 Titans will probably fly under the radar and that's a good thing

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No. 2 The Titans offense is set for the future

Former general manager Robinson took a long-term approach when building the roster in the later years of his stint at the helm of the Titans' front office, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. The issue was that by not looking for players that could contribute right out of the gate, Robinson failed to address immediate needs.

Having left the roster devoid of playmakers, Robinson was kicked to the curb and the Titans brought in Ran Carthon to take his place. Although it's too early to assign Carton a grade for his work since he took over the front office, the early results are enticing.

In addition to moving on from players whose production wasn't on par with their contract and getting the Titans in healthy cap shape, Carton filled the team's biggest holes in the offseason.

Carton replenished the offensive trenches and added depth to most skilled-position units. Furthermore, he drafted Ryan Tannehill's potential heir apparent in Will Levis and other players that could earn significant playing time down the road.

And even if Levis doesn't see the field this year, there are other 2023 draftees who could have a huge impact for Tennesse right out of the gate. Running back Tyjae Spears can make a dynamic 1-2 punch alongside Derrick Henry. Similarly, rookie tight end Josh Whyle has the potential to eventually get a feature role on offense.

While it's hard to see all the picks the Titans made in 2023 pan out, many of them seem many of them should have a favorable chance of becoming key contributors.