5 prospects in the 2023 NFL Draft with the best chance to be Tennessee Titans

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A week from now, Tennessee Titans fans will know which player they drafted with the 11th pick in the 2023 NFL Draft...if they draft anyone there at all.

Every day we get closer to the 2023 NFL Draft and every day it feels more and more likely that the Tennessee Titans are going to trade out of the 11th pick. We will see whether that means a trade up to 6 or trading down to collect more picks, but the private visits, team needs, and value at other places just don't align with the team sitcking and picking.

Instead of trying to figure out when the Tennessee Titans are going to pick, it might be a better idea to identify the players that the Tennessee Titans are most likely to draft. Based on personal connections, private visits, Pro Days, virtual visits, and other markers of interest, there are five players that stand out as the prospects most likely to be on this team next year.

As you might expect, since the Titans have spent so much time with quarterbacks, three of the top quarterbacks are on this list. One they would have to trade up for, one that they could stick and pick, and one that they could trade down and land.

Obviously they can't have all three, but it feels highly likely they will end up with one of them.