5 moves still left for the Tennessee Titans after the 2023 NFL Draft

Tennessee Titans, 2023 NFL Draft
Tennessee Titans, 2023 NFL Draft / Kiyoshi Mio-USA TODAY Sports
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1. The Tennessee Titans must trade Malik Willis before the 2023 season

You have probably heard that actions speak louder than words and the Titans have shown that Malik Willis doesn't figure in their long-term plan, which is a bit odd, given that he was a third-round selection last year. Then again, drafting him instead of addressing more pressing needs was one of the many reasons former general manager Jon Robinson was given the boot last year.

With Tannehill out in the second half of the 2022 season, Tennessee could have given ample playing time to Willis. However, they chose to go with Joshua Dobbs instead. Granted, they were still in contention for a playoff spot but it was telling that trusted a career backup over Willis.

The fact that the Titans drafted Will Levis this year might have sealed Willis' fate as a Titan. Now, the general manager Ran Carthon must decide what to do with Willis. Since he inherited him, he wouldn't have trouble trading him, which could turn out to be the best outcome for everyone.

By trading Willis, the Titans could get future assets, even if it's a late-round pick, it's better than having him around not doing much. Meanwhile, Willis would get a fresh start and potentially a chance to develop somewhere else. Last but not least, his presence and possible displeasure wouldn't linger around the Titans' quarterback room.

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You could argue that the Titans just drafted Willis last year but they're better off cutting ties with him if he doesn't figure in their plans rather than keeping him around and doubling down on the mistake.